Born in 2018, Vital Agency is an international booking agency based out of New Delhi, India.

Emerging from Wild City & Detour Asia, Vital stems from the innate desire to broaden the range of musicians with whom we work. Representing an international roster of artists from the electronic underground spectrum, we focus on diversity within our roster, covering a wide range of styles with a shared taste for the unconventional.

We work with all types of venues and events, from underground parties to big festivals.

At Vital, there is constant dialogue with the artists to fulfil whatever path they envision, treating their performances as a crucial part of their creative process. A small but dedicated team of music lovers and dance floor enthusiasts sit behind the scenes of Vital Agency. 

Passionate about pushing talent and willing to become the medium for our musicians to travel, Vital Agency aims to keep the music scene moving in Asia. 

For bookings and enquiries, you can email us here. To keep up-to-date with all things Vital, you can subscribe to the newsletter here

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